Creating Value Through Artificial Intelligence with Alessia Saggese

Welcome to the En Factor, conversations with entrepreneurs who started, stumbled and succeeded. Today I am recording in an incubator in Penta, Italy, in an interesting building that was formerly a monastery and located near the Campus of the University of Salerno. My guest today is Alessia (Al – less e a) Saggese (Si Jay se), Associate Professor and co-owner of AI Tech srl. A.I. Tech is a highly dynamic and innovative company that designs and manufactures Artificial Intelligence enterprise solutions in the field of Smart Video Analysis for such applications as monitoring vehicle and pedestrian traffic, anti-intrusion and early fire detection; behavioral analysis; and statistical and predictive data analysis. Listen in to learn more about how the team of scientists at this company studies and utilizes the latest A.I. technologies to provide a wide variety of global customers with visual recognition solutions.

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