Stay Organized with Twos, featuring Joe Steilberg and Parker Klein!

Delighted to have the founders of Twos App in the studio with En Factor- Joe Steilberg and Parker Klein.

Joe is the co-founder and head of sales at Twos, is an alumnus of University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s in finance and has worked as an Area Project manager with ResProp Management in Dallas Area.

And Parker is the CEO and technical lead of Twos, Parker is an alumnus of Vanderbilt University, has a bachelor’s in computer science and has worked as a software engineer with Qualcomm and Google in California in the past.

Twos was founded in July 2020 in Tampa Bay and is the first app and website designed to help people simply remember things. With Twos, users can keep all their *things* from reminders, to-dos, thoughts, and memories in one place that stays organized, leading to a more calm and present life.

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