Charting Success & Navigating the Tides of Entrepreneurship with Robert Johnstone

Welcome to The En Factor! Today, I am privileged to host a true maverick, Robert “Bob” Johnstone. Bob’s journey isn’t just a tale of sailing or business, but the story of an entrepreneurial spirit that’s guided him across the seas and through the realms of innovation. From learning to sail at two years old, to co-founding the internationally recognized J/Boats and MJM Yachts, he’s always had an unyielding desire to chart new territories.

These entrepreneurial waters led him to pen “Maverick Marketer”, a captivating memoir fusing together tales of sailing, love, and entrepreneurship. Through the lens of his entrepreneurial mindset, Bob shares how passion and persistence can lead to incredible breakthroughs. The lessons he’s learned from building over 14,000 boats, earning 20+ ‘Boat of the Year’ awards, and being inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame are truly invaluable.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an avid sailor, or just someone who loves a good success story, Bob is here to inspire and encourage you to navigate your own entrepreneurial journey with confidence. Let’s set sail into the conversation!


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