Entrepreneurship and Music – Creating an Interactive Live-Streamed Concert Experience w/Co-Founders Eric Heiert and Sean Green

Sean Green and Eric Heiert are the Co-founders of Safehouse. Sean has ten years of experience creating content and developing brands on the internet that he has perfected through his previous positions as the creative director at Twitch and a visual storyteller at Esports. Eric is a live stream event producer who has produced hundreds of digital events as a talent buyer, media coordinator, and program director. Together Sean and Eric created Safehouse, a livestream production that showcases interactive music performances online with a mission to empower musicians through a modern approach to discoverability and autonomy in the music industry through livestreaming. Since launching in 2016, Safehouse has hosted over 200 shows, featuring over 800 artists to nearly one million music lovers from all corners of the world.

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